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Flexible Coupling FCL
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Specification of Flexible Coupling FCL

Flexible Coupling FCL

Flexible Coupling FCL is a device used to connect two shafts at both ends which aim to transmit mechanical power. Flexible Coupling FCL is usually used in industrial equipment types driven by internal combustion engines and electric motors. More clearly, it is needed in motorized medium and small power transmission systems, such as speed reducers, hoists, compressors, conveyors, spinning & weaving machines and ball mills and so on.

We, PT. Makmurindo Surya Persada provides Flexible Coupling FCL for your industrial needs.

Flexible Coupling FCL Size. FCL.90 UP TO FCL.630 Stock
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: SET
Delivery Time: READY STOCK

Engine Parts

So if you are looking for flexible coupling machine parts for FCL we sell various types of coupling and flexible coupling FCL please choose according to your needs. For pricing information on specifications and product details for flexible coupling FC, please contact us for further explanation.

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