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Specification of SOUTHERN CROSS PUMP

Southern Cross Pump is one type of built-in centrifugal pump made in Australia. If the rotation (rpm) and its corresponding rotation direction can be coupled directly with the diesel engine. The advantages of Southern Cross Pump are as follows:

  1. pump curves published by the factory include pump performance curves with various turns (rpm). When coupled with a rotary diesel engine that can be varied by increasing or decreasing its rpm as required, the pump performance can be clearly seen on the pump curve in accordance with its rotation (rpm). This will make it easier to read the pump performance curves, because diesel engines on the market vary from 1500 rpm, 2500 rpm, 2900 rpm to 3500 rpm.
  2. the quality of the material and the design is better than the equivalent pump. Suppose that another type of pump with a 315 mm impeller diameter can not generally be rotated with a 3,000 rpm high rotation, but this pump is still recommended for 3,000 rpm.

Southern Cross Pump is usually applied for industrial pump needs as follows: mining industry, for building / high rise building, agriculture / irrigation and others. In addition, it can also be applied to the palm oil industry.

Minimum Order Quantity : 1
Packaging Details : UNIT
Delivery Time : BY ORDER

We are Stockist and Supplier for General Industry Sector and Palm Oil Factory. We provide SOUTHERN CROSS PUMP for your industry needs.

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